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Description of Performance Magnesium Liquid

Minerals are important elements for our health. Without their help vitamins, among other things, are not able to function in our body. Minerals (iron) transport oxygen through our body. They also play a key role in our growth, tissue maintenance and tissue recovery. They are also involved in muscle contraction, nerve functioning and energy housekeeping. Lots of medical texts refer to magnesium as the wonder mineral. Our body needs about 300 mg of magnesium every day to function well. The human body itself does not produce magnesium. Therefore this mineral must be supplied by a very varied nourishment or by taking supplements. In the event of shortages or efforts during training and sports, the body has a greater need for this mineral. Therefore it is advisable to take this substance as an extra supplement.

Magnesium and calcium prevent muscle cramp and pain
Muscle cramp can be very painful. You may even have to stop exercising. Except for regular hydrating, cramp can also be fought by taking calcium and magnesium. If there is not enough calcium in the moisture surrounding muscles and nerves, the nerve ends have to work too much and the risk of getting muscle cramp is much higher. Magnesium is mainly known in the sports world because it prevents muscle weakness. It is advisable to take calcium and magnesium together to prevent a disturbed balance.

Energy metabolism
Except for these important properties, magnesium also plays a key role in the energy process within each separate cell. When the magnesium content is rather law, the production of energy will be slown down. One more reason for athletes to take enough magnesium. Magnesium also ensures good physical relaxation. The muscles and heart profi t from taking enough of it.

Fat burning
Research has shown that people taking enough calcium daily may have a loss of fat of about 5 kilos per year. The reason is that calcium has a restraining effect on the absorption of dietary fats.

Calcium prevents bone degradation
This degradation often occurs when following a diet. We all want healthy bones and beautiful healthy teeth. To that end, calcium supplements are benefi cial to our bones and looks.

Magnesium Liquid ampoules
Each 25 ml ampoule contains 250 mg of magnesium and 90 mg of vitamin C. The ready-to-drink ampoules of Performance are very user-friendly !


- Prevents muscle cramp and muscle weakness !
- For a good energy metabolism
- Vital mineral for a healthy body

Use of Performance Magnesium Liquid

Magnesium Liquid ampoules: 1 ampoule of 25 ml/day.

Ingredients Performance Magnesium Liquid

Performance Magnesium Liquid 25 ml
€ 1,90
€ 1,71
(€ 6,84 / 100 ml)

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    I frequently have to take some extra magnesium and usually it's a quick remedy to use tablets that dissolve in water. This one was easier, just open and drink.

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