Talika Lipocils Platinum 2x8,5 ml

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Description of Talika Lipocils Platinum

Inspired by research on cellular chronobiology. At the heart of this revolutionary global
treatment, Talika has identified a brand new key ingredient that multiplies eyelashes.
A highly-qualified, completely novel solution for four spectacular actions on the number,
the length, the thickness and the pigmentation of lashes.
Scientific efficacy proven by clinical studies and a broad range of innovations confirmed by 8 separate patents.
For the 1st time ever, two serums work continuously, day and night, to improve
the circadian rhythm of eyelashes. Two formulas designed without prostaglandin
or hormone by-products, made of 95,9% ingredients of natural origin for
the day formula and 94,8% for the night formula, for a completely safe beauty regime.
Just like skin, the needs of bulbs change from day to night. By being the 1st to take those biological rhythms into account, Lipocils Platinium helps to optimize the beauty and strength of eyelashes, like never before.
It “awakens” “sleeping” eyelashes, producing a completely novel dimension to the look of the eyes: transformed lashes, in greater number, with a reinforced vitality. The end result is a spectacular increase in the volume, length and density of the fringe of lashes.
For not only longer but also fuller lashes:
► Adapting to the natural day/night rhythm of eyelashes > double bottle with 1 Protective Day Serum + 1 Night Serum regenerating and strengthening growth.
► Optimizing their life cycle > stimulating their growth phase + shortening their period of inactivity with Red Clover Blossom.

Lipocils Platinium Day
for lashes under strong protection, thanks to key ingredients that:
. Activate growth during the day
. Sheathe and protect lashes from outside factors
. Act as foundation and instantly curve the lashes
. Stimulate the synthesis of melanin to intensify lash color
. Regenerate eyelash cells and root the lashes more deeply to prolong
the time before they fall
Lipocils Platinium Night
to “awaken” sleeping lashes through key ingredients that:
. Boost eyelash growth at the most active stage of their circadian rhythm 
. Extend the eyelash growth phase and reduce the rest phase
. Strengthen eyelash texture and quality
. Re-energize the cells of the eyelash bulbs
. Foster the lashes’ hold for a longer life
Based on the life sciences, Lipocils® Platinium’s innovative
approach makes it a key ally for more, thicker and longer lashes
and a naturally intense look.


A thicker fringe of lashes, fuller, longer and darker eyelashes

Use of Talika Lipocils Platinum

In the morning, apply the day serum at the root with the foam tip and along the full length of the lashes with the brush. At night, apply the night serum at the root of the lashes.
2-month treatment to be renewed periodically.

Ingredients Talika Lipocils Platinum

Concentrated, powerful key ingredients
Lipocils® Platinium  is prepared following a strict protocol: 
. Selection of the most effective natural ingredients 
. Exclusion of all uncertain ingredients in terms of lash, eye and skin balance 
. Guaranteed tolerance and safety of components
A duet of unique formulas that concentrates the full power of plants to accurately adapt to the biological rhythms of eyelashes and affect their internal clock.
Day Serum protection and activated growth: 
. Mythical Botanical Complex® : a five-plant formula that has been the base for Talika
  treatments for the past 70 years activates growth during the day for thicker, longer,
  more resilient lashes
. Coleus forskohlii: stimulates natural melanin for lashes that are dark and intense
  from the root to the tip 
. Silk protein extract: serves as a foundation and forms a natural sheathe that protects
  the lashes against the effects of everyday life. The mechanical action of silk proteins
  on lash curve is reinforced by the easy-to-handle Talika brush.
Night Serum regeneration and additional growth
. Red clover blossom: “awakens” new lashes during their rest phase and extends
  their growth phase. This increases the number of lashes for a thicker fringe.
. Adenosine: powerful fuel that re-energizes the skin cells of the eyelash bulb
  that nourish the lash.
. Mythical Botanical Complex® : stimulates eyelash growth for greater length and     thickness.
. Peptide Expert : anti-aging effects on eyelash cells. Fosters the lashes’ hold and slows
  their fall.
€ 99,00
€ 89,10

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