Reductin Cellulite 40 tablets

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Description of Reductin Cellulite

Reductin Cellulite is the first product of its kind to eliminate the causes of cellulite at every level(water retention, oxidation, inflammation, fibrosis, breakdown of the dermis). 

In order to reduce the primary cause, reductin cellulite contains agents which help to increase lymphatic drainage. 

Reductin cellulite contains SOD (superoiyde dismutases), a unique and patented product that makes it possible to avoid adipose cell oxidatio thereby preventing the formation of sponginess. 

Two natural pattented anti-inflammatory components in the form of phytosomes make it possible to contain local inflammation of the adipocytes and limit inflammation of the dermis. 

Reductin cellulite, after gaining control of oxidation and inflammation(the cause of cellulite, also contains a component that allows for the rapid restructuring of the dermis so as to return suppleness and elasticity to the skin (epidermis) and restore a healthy appearance. 


The first product of its kind to effectively eliminate cellulite.

Use of Reductin Cellulite

2 to 4 tablets per day, in two intakes.

Ingredients Reductin Cellulite

Ingredients per tablet
Phosphate dicalcique 140,05 mg
Cellulose microcristalline 123 mg
Bourrache GLA encapsulé 121,95 mg
Extrait de Reine des prés 100 mg
Extrait de Curcuma Meriva 100 mg
Extrait de Bardane 50 mg
Extrait de Guarana*(12% caféine) 50 mg
Extrait de Marron d'Inde 50 mg
Extrait de Fragon 50 mg
Extrait d'Orthosiphon 50 mg
SOD dismutase 20 mg
Stéarate de magnésium 16 mg
€ 25,50
€ 22,95
Product no longer available

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