Novophane Nail Cream 15 ml

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€ 13,50
(€ 90,00 / 100 ml)
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Description of Novophane Nail Cream

Novophane nail cream nourishes and moisturizes the nail. Its rich active ingredients make the nail more flexible and resistant to breaking.

Novophane cream acts at three levels :
- It limits dehydration of the nail by forming a film on the surface of the nail 
- It improves hydration of the nail with its moisturising agents 
- It restores flexibility and good cell cohesion by specific lipid intake into the nail


for dry, brittle and irregular nails

Use of Novophane Nail Cream

Apply the nourishing cream daily to the nail and its contour by gently massaging. May be used on nail polish.
€ 15,00
€ 13,50
(€ 90,00 / 100 ml)

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