Galénic Argane Cream Eyes 15 ml

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Description of Galénic Argane Cream Eyes

The Galénic Argane Eye Cream is a cream that provides an intense feeling of freshness, with notes of bergamot and muguet.

In order to ensure that the extract of argan oil will not stick to the skin surface, Galénic has developed a galenical, fat-soluble structure in the form of a water-soluble agent. That ensures that the argan oil and the water are able to mix on the skin, which is normally not noticeable. In this way the rich elements of argan oil penetrate deep into the skin.


  • Anti-oxidant effect
  • Supports cell renewal
  • Nourishment of the fragile zone

Use of Galénic Argane Cream Eyes

Apply in the morning and evening to the eye contour.

Ingredients Galénic Argane Cream Eyes

Main ingredient

Exclusive and patented extract of argan oil

Additional components

Vitamin E antioxidant
Pulp of powerful regenerating argan
Peptides of argan to support cell renewal
Triglycerides and herbal squalane to nourish the fragile zone
€ 36,00
€ 32,40
(€ 216,00 / 100 ml)
Product no longer available

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