Dukan Cream Konjac Chocolate 100 g

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Description of Dukan Cream Konjac Chocolate

The range of Dukan® products is developed based on unique recipes and their exceptional nutritional characteristics: rich in fiber, no fat and useless carbohydrates.

The Dukan Cream Konjac Chocolate is a dessert cream of chocolate made with Konjac. The cream has only 71 calories per bottle and contains 80% less sugar than a traditional dessert of chocolate cream.


  • No added sugar
  • Reduced amount of calories
  • Low in fat
  • On the basis of Konjac
Konjac: a traditional and natural food from Asia. Konja is rich in soluble fibers, which are also called glucomannans.

Konjac has two properties:
  • The "full stomach" effect due to the soluble fibers.
  • Maintaining a normal cholesterol level.

Use of Dukan Cream Konjac Chocolate

Open and you can just drink from the bottle!

Ingredients Dukan Cream Konjac Chocolate

Dissolvedfat milk43.9%, water, sweeteners: maltitoland sucralose, cream(stabilizer:carrageenan), chocolatepowder 3% (sugar, cocoa paste, skimmed cocoapowder, natural vanillaflavor), cocoa powder1.2%, modified starchofcassava,konjacpoeder0.52%, thickeners:xanthan gumandguar gum, acidity regulator:sodium citrate, coloring agent:beta-carotene.

- Fats2.3G
      of which saturatedfats1.6G
      of whichsugars3.6g
      of whichpolyols7.1g
-Dietary Fiber1.2g
- Proteins1.8g
- Saltjust 0.09g


Store at room temperature in a dry and cool place, away from light before opening and for 24 hours in the fridge after opening.

Contains natural sugars. Packaged in protected atmosphere.
€ 3,99
€ 3,59
(€ 3,59 / 100 g)

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