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Description of Dettol Washgel Orchid & Vanilla

Did you know that washing your hands is one of the most effective weapons to combat the spread of germs? Through the daily use of the antibacterial liquid soap Dettol, you can remove 99.9% of bacteria* - including E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella - and satisfy yourself of clean and healthy hands. Due to teach your children that they should thoroughly wash their hands and that they should adopt proper hygiene reflexes, you help your whole family to stay healthy.

The new Dettol Soft Mousse has an innovative system, a technology with microbubbles. If you press the pump, the fluid instantly changes into a soft and fragrant mousse for your skin.


You can use them:
- Before eating or cooking
- Immediately after you were in contact with raw foods, such as poultry
- After going to the toilet or after you refreshed a diaper
- After you were in contact with blood or body fluids (such as vomit, mucus from the nose or saliva)
- After any contact with animals and objects around them
- After you have touched (like the trash, mopping, line pipes or floor) an infected zone
- Before you dress a wound, use medications or insert contact lenses
- Once your hands look dirty

Use of Dettol Washgel Orchid & Vanilla

Apply on wet hands, pay attention for the area under the nails and use it for 15 seconds. Rinse thoroughly.
€ 4,19
€ 3,77
(€ 1,51 / 100 ml)

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