Dentaid Xeros Mouth Spray 15 ml spray

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Description of Dentaid Xeros Mouth Spray

Xeros Dentaid® spray stimulates natural saliva secretion and enhances hydration in the oral cavity at any time and place thanks to its practical and convenient spray application.
Xeros Dentaid® spray keeps the mouth hydrated for long periods of time. Its formula containing Malic Acid and Xylitol stimulates saliva production and hydrates the oral cavity. Its complete formula also provides anticaries properties and helps remineralise enamel.
Xeros Dentaid® spray has a pleasant apple flavour, providing a greater feeling of freshness.


For people who suffer from dry mouth and/or a lack of saliva and whose salivary glands work totally or partially. In these cases, people are more prone to bacterial build-up, caries and bad breath and may have difficulty carrying out daily activities such as talking, eating and swallowing.

Use of Dentaid Xeros Mouth Spray

Spray 3 or 4 times, as many times as needed, particularly after meals.
For optimum effects of Xeros Dentaid® spray, it is recommended to hydrate the oral cavity previously with Xeros Dentaid® toothpaste and colutorio.

Ingredients Dentaid Xeros Mouth Spray

Malic acid 1.00%
Stimulates natural saliva production without harming enamel.
Xylitol 10.00%
Hydrates the oral cavity, fights caries and remineralises enamel.
Sodium fluoride 0.05%
Prevents the formation of caries and remineralises enamel.
€ 5,85
€ 5,27
(€ 35,13 / 100 ml)

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