3M Coban Self-Adhesive Bandage 2,5cm x 4,5m 5 pieces

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Description of 3M Coban Self-Adhesive Bandage 2,5cm x 4,5m

The bandage is made of a porous, non-woven polyester material which adheres only to itself and not to the skin or the hair. After application, it is not loose so a long-lasting, reliable pressure is achieved. To keep the bandage in place, adhesive tape nor clips are required. 3M, known for its adhesive bandages, has invented the first elastic immobilization tape. The tape strongly adheres to itself but does not stick to the skin. Gradually the adjective "cohesive" is used to denote this self adhesiveness without indicating adhesive.

reliable compression
always remains elastic
reduces the risk of oedema
allows normal hygiene
can be reattached


The 3M ™ Coban ™ Self-Adhesive Bandage is a comfortable, lightweight bandage for long and reliable pressure.
Sports and general traumatology
- Immobilization of the joints (mild sprains)
- Tendon and muscle disorders (sprains, strains)
- Acute disorders of the blood vessels (edema, ulcers, varicose veins)
- Immobilization after scleroses and strippings
- Prevention of thrombo-embolism
Early immobilization of skin graft for burns
- Prevention of hypertrophic scars

Use of 3M Coban Self-Adhesive Bandage 2,5cm x 4,5m

1. Coban only adheres to itself, not to the skin. Therefore, no special preparation of the skin is required.

2. Unroll 30cm of Coban before applying each turn. Each turn must be applied with light tension, so the ribbing on the bandage remains visible. Each turn should overlap the previous turn by 2 or 3cm.

WARNING: Do not apply excessive pressure in order to avoid blood circulation problems. In the event of discomfort, immediately reduce the pressure.

3. The final turn is made with no tension. For best hold, press the finished bandage gently. Coban adheres to itself and stays in place. No pins or clips are required.

4. Coban is easily cut with scissors


This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.
€ 7,96
€ 7,16

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