Calmiderm + Mini Tube Free 40+15 g cream

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Description of Calmiderm + Mini Tube Free

Calmiderm soothes all skin irritations, rashes, abrasions, minor burns, assault cold or hot.

Calmiderm moisturizing cream is suitable for atopic skin.

Calmiderm cream, anti-toxic and dermo-protective, soothes irritated skin due to insect bites or plants.

Use of Calmiderm + Mini Tube Free

Apply a thin layer and let is soak into the skin as soon as possible after the aggressive act.

Ingredients Calmiderm + Mini Tube Free

Mother tincture of Calendula officinalis: 4% mother tincture of chamomile: 4% Stinging nettle: Essential oil of lavender 2%: 0.4% tincture of benzoin: Menthol 0.1%: 0.24%


Avoid the eyes. Do not use on large wounds and severe burns. Children from 2 years.

Precautions: In case of irritation and redness caused by the sun, it is recommended to avoid sun as long as the skin is irritated. The extracts used for the composition of Calmiderm contain alcohol: for use on open wounds it can peak a little bit. Caution should be exercised when applying around the eyes. Do not use in severe burns. Some people may be sensitive to one of the components of Calmiderm (chamomile, lavender, tincture of benzoin, ...). In this case, the use should be discontinued.
€ 7,90
€ 7,11