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Description of Performance Turbo Mass Gainer Strawberry

Carbohydrates deliver energy 
Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in the liver and muscles, where they are used as an easy approachable supply of energy. Scientific research has demonstrated that nutrition rich in carbohydrates can enhance the glycogen supply in the liver and muscles. In this way, the performance and the duration of the physical exertion can be improved. 

Turbo Mass gainer contains 3 different kinds of carbohydrates together ensuring a permanent supply of energy in the short, medium and long term. Dextrose and fructoseare simple carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed by the body (fructose a bit slower than dextrose) and deliver energy on a short term. Maltodextrinbelongs to the group of complex carbohydrates, but is decomposed quicker in the digestive canal than the complex carbohydrates from our food (starch such as rice, pasta and patatoes) and is therefore an ideal source of energy for athletes on a medium and long term. 

Proteins lead to more muscle mass 
Turbo Mass Gainer contains 5 high quality proteins to provide the body with all the necessary amino acids for an optimal recovery of the muscles. 
- Whey proteinsare active in the short term. So, after having been taken, they immediately supply the body with amino acids for muscle growth. Whey proteins are ideal for breakfast and immediately after training because they consist of short protein chains and they are absorbed very fast, sometimes even within 10 minutes. 
- Calcium caseinateand egg albumin, on the other hand, are being digested much slower and enable the body to absorb and digest nutrients for about 6 hours. The amino acid range of egg albumin very much resembles that of our muscles. It is considered advisable to take these proteins in the evening. In this way they are active for a long time during the night to recover the muscles.
- Isolate is considered to be the most pure protein with the highest degree of biological value. This protein is absorbed faster than other proteins resulting in maximal protein synthesis (anabolism). This isolate contains almost no fat or lactose and is considered to be the best source of protein to support building up fat free muscle mass. Turbo Mass gainer also contains whey proteinhydrolysate. As the milk protein has already been reduced, this is the best product for people being allergic to milk protein. Hydrolysates have a high-quality amino acid profile ensuring a fast release of amino acids. In this way recovery after training is stimulated. The product contains few fats and has an extremely low lactose content. 

Enriched with L-Glutamine peptide 
L-Glutamine is a semi-essential amino acid playing a key role in the anabolism of proteins in the human body. It is the number one amino acid for cell growth and muscle recovery! The peptide form ensures that the glutamine are assimilated better by the body. 

Kre-Alkalyn® is buffered with an alkaline with a pH value of over 12.0, so that it remains perfectly stable in water, fruit juice or any other normal liquid. In this way, we can guarantee that this supplement will integrally pass the intestines and enter the bloodstream to be transported to the muscles. This helps the body absorb more creatine. Kre-Alkalyn® will offer you all the advantages of creatine, without causing any secondary effect whatsoever, no loading phase, no water retention, no cramps. Also the Kre-Alkalyn®buffers lactic acid in the muscles, thus allowing a longer and more powerful workout. 

The specific composition of the carbohydrates triggers an adapted insulin reaction and provides sufficient energy to complete the entire workout under optimal circumstances. The combined proteins supply efficient elements, whereas Kre-alkalyn creatine monohydrate and glutamine peptide ensure amaximum use of these elements.


The exquisite supplement for inducing fast muscle mass gain!
- The perfect weight gainer to achieve growth and muscle mass
- Contains 3 different kinds of carbohydrates to deliver energy
- Mix of 5 high quality proteins for an optimal recovery and muscle growth
- Enriched with L-Glutamine peptide
- Easy to mix
- Kre-Alkalyn®

Use of Performance Turbo Mass Gainer Strawberry

Mix, 3 times a day, 75g of powder (1,5 measuring scoop) with 500ml of water or cold milk.

Ingredients Performance Turbo Mass Gainer Strawberry


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€ 48,20
€ 43,38
(€ 14,46 / kg)

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