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Leaflet of Performance Karbo-Lyn 1,50 kg

Description of Performance Karbo-Lyn

Karbo-Lyn™ is a homopolysaccharide, a relatively complex carbohydrate. Its unique size and molecular structure mean that it’s rapidly absorbed. In fact, this high-tech carb is absorbed 80% quicker than dextrose or sugars in general. Karbo-Lyn™ also has a greater osmolarity than dextrose, saccharose or other carbs. That means that it crosses the muscle cells more quickly, bringing them the nutrients they need to work. 

Why choose Karbo-Lyn™? This dietary supplement has been developed to support quick, easy, effective and safe carbohydrate loading and so build up glycogen stores (the biggest source of energy for the muscles). It helps create a maximum glycogen load in less than two hours. Therefore, your body has the best possible preparation for the hard work ahead, without risking burnout.


Essential carbohydrate for intensive exercise
- High-tech carbohydrate
- Sugar free
- Easy to digest with no side effects
- 80% better absorption than dextrose
- Easy to mix

Use of Performance Karbo-Lyn

Mix 50g of powder  with 500ml of water or mix 30g powder with Performance Carbo Energizer. To use before and during the physical  workout.

Ingredients Performance Karbo-Lyn

Homopolysaccharide Karbo-Lyn

Download the leaflet for a complete overview of the nutritional value.
€ 41,90
€ 37,71
Product no longer available

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