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Description of Performance Carbo Extra Raspberry

Carbohydrates for energy 
The Carbo Extra contains three sources of carbohydrates, each one carefully chosen to deliver the right energy at the right time. Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate which is composed the same way as starch, but will be absorbed faster due to the smaller amount of glucose particles. The blood absorbs it slower than glucose and so it delivers energy on a longer term, and it also regulates the blood glucose level. Dextrose, better known as glucose, is a simple carbohydrate and is one of the most important fuels for the human body. Glucose isn’t stored as such, but is being converted into glycogen, which is stored in the muscles and liver. Glucose can be absorbed directly by the blood, so it delivers instant energy. Fructose is just like dextrose a simple carbohydrate, but due to a small structural difference, it delivers energy on a medium long term. The combination of these three carbohydrates keeps the energy level balanced, both before and during the physical effort.
Mineral salts for the fluid level 
Potassium and sodium salt are the 2 main salts which are lost due to transpiration and thus need to be replenished in time. Sodium accomplishes a number of functions in the body. It regulates the fluid and salt level and the acid value of tissue fluid. But also the passing on of nerve stimulations and the contraction of muscles is being influenced by sodium. Together with potassium it regulates the blood pressure. Potassium is crucial for a good functioning of the heart, but it also has a key function in the contraction of skeletal muscles and smooth muscles. So, it is very important for a good digestion and muscular function.
The Carbo Extra is an ideal combination of carbohydrates and salts, for a better endurance, without muscle acidification!


Thanks to a well considered combination of carbohydrates and mineral salts, this Performance Carbo Extra delivers not only the right energy at the right moment, but it also replenishes the lost minerals and this in a delicious raspberry flavor.

Use of Performance Carbo Extra Raspberry

Mix 75g (1½ scoops) with 500ml of water or orange juice. Drink 1 bottle 1 hour before the physical effort or competition. Afterwards, drink 1 bottle every sports hour or competition hour.
€ 14,90
€ 13,41
(€ 17,88 / kg)

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