Equilac Promopack 180 capsules

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Description of Equilac Promopack

Equilacis a patenteddietary supplementbased onconcentratedhorse milk speciallydeveloped for the treatmentofskin complaints. Equilacis one of themost widely usednutritional supplementsin the treatment ofeczemaand psoriasisin Belgiumand the Netherlands.

The advantages ofEquilacCapsules:
  • Reducesthe symptomsfrom the inside
  • Calmssensitive skinwithred and
  • Keep yourskin under control
  • Increases the resistance ofthe skin
  • Relievesitching
  • no side effects

Use of Equilac Promopack

For adults:
  • 2 capsules paday for breakfast
  • For children1 to 12years: 1capsule perday for breakfast
For best resultstake Equilacfor 3months.When the skinailmentsbe reduced,the dosecan behalved.It is important thatyoutakeEquilacafter some timeeven after thediseasedisappeared,to work preventatively.It is possible thatthediseaseafter the first twoor three weeksto get worse.This is anatural reaction andnormally lastsno longerthan a week.Thenyou noticequickimprovement.

  • For best resultsyou shoulddrink1.5 liters of waterdaily.
  • When used forchildrenit is best tomixyogurtina capsule.

Ingredients Equilac Promopack

Equilacacts onthe immunitydue to theinflammatoryproteinLactoferrin.Thisis an endogenousantibioticin ahigh concentrationis presentin theconcentratedmilk.The intake oflactoferrinincreases the resistance ofthe skin againstinflammationsresult of which thesymptoms ofskin complaintscan be reducedandflarescan be avoided.
€ 89,99
€ 80,99
Product no longer available

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