Durex Orgasmic Condoms 12 pieces

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Description of Durex Orgasmic Condoms

Durex Orgasmic condoms are especially designed to help you and your partner towards a mutual climax.
The condom has ribs and dots on the outside to speed her up, and benzocaine lube on the inside to slow him down.

- Latex condoms of natural rubber with ribs and dots
- a unique anatomical shape with a reservoir
- Transparent & lubricated, contains 5% benzocain
- An average diameter of 56mm
- *Easy-on:  a unique anatomical shape which makes it easier to put on and rolled off with a fresh and light lubricant which camouflages the smell of latex.


A Durex condom with 5% benzocain which slows down the orgasm to prolong the pleasure during sex. Lubricated and an average diameter of 56mm.

Use of Durex Orgasmic Condoms

Read before use always first the instructions. Check the expiry date on the packaging before using the condom. rip the packaging open on the crenated side and take out the condom. Please do this carefully to avoid possible damaging with fingernails or sharp objects like jewelery or piercings.

One of you can put the condom on the hard penis. Make sure you put the condom on before sex. This way you prevent undisired pregnancies and you prevent yourself from possible sexually transmitted diseases.

Check if the edge is on the outside. If the edge is on the inside, the condom is insideout. Squeeze the top of the condom so there is no more air in the condom.

Hold the condom still by its top, put it on the penis and roll it down the whole length of the penis with your other hand. If the condom rolls up during sex, you have to pull it straight backwards again. If the condom slips off, stop and put on a new one.

Right after the ejaculation and before withdrawal of the penis, you have to hold the edge of the condom tight around the penis. Get the condom off, wrap it up in a tissue and put it in a bin. Condoms are not allowed to be thrown away in the toilet.
€ 13,99
€ 12,59
Product no longer available

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